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Spending up to 15 hours a day sitting takes a toll on our bodies. The greatest health benefit with TRABBIC is getting people out of their chair and on their feet!

Of all the arenas in life, we are spending more and more time at our workplaces . . . and our time spent at work, has become more monotonous and desk-bound.. This has a huge impact on the rest of our daily lives and contributes to shaping our entire lifestyle. Instead of an active and healthy lifestyle, we have become more inactive, heavier and dependent on passive relaxation. Thus, inactivity has become one of greatest health risks of our time.

Persons with “sitting- workplaces” double their risks of developing heart disease and reduce the rate at which they burn calories by close to 90%. Also, we know that our brain functions better when we are more physically active.

Earlier, people labored themselves to poor health; today we are sitting ourselves to poorer health!

Working out with TRABBIC promotes our motor-sensory qualities: Balance, strength, stability, flexibility, stamina, coordination, concentration, motor control and mastery.


TRABBIC is a unique and inspiring Core Training Concept for both individual and group exercise. The exercise builds on many of todays well-known and evidence-based exercise principles and is adaptable for a wide range of people.


Daily balance exercises with TRABBIC is core training that actives the entire body, starting with your feet. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies, sending vital information to our entire body about our surroundings and how they affect us.

With TRABBIC, you train balance, strength, stability, stamina, coordination, concentration, body control and mastery – and it´s fun!

The health issues of the Norwegian workforce

Today, 2.8 million Norwegians are employed workers. Around 40% of these workers have jobs that are primarily done while seated on the job. Research shows that this part of the population spends around 9 hours of their day sitting down.


This tells us how specialized, physically monotonous and automated the workday has become for many of us. Technology and societal changes are contributing to giving children and teenagers a more passive and sedentary lifestyle compared to previous generations. Toda, it is not uncommon for teenagers to spend 15 hours of their day sitting down.


This fairly new way of life is having a profound impact on our health and well-being. Many of our health problems today are caused by our passive lifestyles.

Neck pain0%
Sleeping problems0%
Shoulder pain0%
Muscle tension0%
Worry and anxiety0%



Increased sick-leave

100 000



Doctor’s consultations


Early retirement

“What if we could facilitate our workplaces in such way that one of our daily goals becomes to promote our health throughout the day, so that we actually leave work feeling better than we did when we arrived.”

Ole Petter Ramfjord, Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur


Daily use of TRABBIC Work & Surf:

  • Activates up to 75% of our body’s movement apparatus
  • Increases heart rate and blood circulation
  • Maintains normal stature and joint movement
  • Relieves and strengthens legs, hips back, abs, and neck
  • Reduces stress
  • Gives positive neural activation
  • Increases concentration and decreases muscle tension
  • Increases positive thoughts
  • Increases your energy and gives you a better day

Give yourself a «TRABBIC Day» on the job!