About Trabbic
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TRABBIC – a story of health promoting entrepreneurship!

“Early in my 35 year career in physical therapy, I met a local fisherman who told me that his back pain was only bearable when he was at sea, fishing in good weather. A gentle breeze and moderate size waves rocking his boat at a calm and steady pace,  transferred to smaller, gentle movements in his body. This helped him, and ,after a while, he became more flexible, less tense and experienced less pain.”
“This fishermen’s story would later teach me that innovation starts with knowledge of human experience.“

In designing new products I draw on my professional experience and observations of what we as humans need and hope for. This makes the development of TRABBIC Balance Boards and other health- promoting products, something meaningful and relevant for people’s lives.


Ole Petter Ramfjord, Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur


TRABBIC is located in Lillesand, a small town in southern Norway, and is run by a small group of experienced people with diverse professional backgrounds: Physical therapy, rehabilitation and training, business development sales, marketing, economy and business strategy.


Ole Petter Ramfjord, the entrepreneur behind Trabbic, has 35 years of experience from his own physical therapy career. Working with rehabilitation, medical training, fitness, workplace-related health consulting, health-innovative projects in the private and public sector, as well as holding educational workshops and speaking about his profession.


Ramfjord has also established other businesses in the field of health and lifestyle- related concepts and products.

TRABBIC is short for TRAining, Balance, Board and AlthletiC


  • Easy, accessible, effective and fun
  • Attractive design
  • Perfect for all users regardless of age, sex, social status, culture and physical fitness level
  • Built on documented and modern exercise and rehabilitation principles
  • Interdisciplinary anchored by people with long experience in their respective fields
  • Patented
TRABBIC can be used by everyone and is a fun way to exercise!