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TRABBIC Training


TRABBIC is taken from Training – Balance – Board – athletICs, and is the invention of Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist Ole Petter Ramfjord in Lillesand. Product development has been ongoing for the past seven years, while the company TRABBIC AS was formally established in 2016. He and his colleagues have extensive experience and broad and versatile professional experience.

“Early in my 35 years of physiotherapy practice was a Fisherman from Southern part of Norway who taught me that his back pain only was to live with when he was at sea in fine weather fishing. In breeze and moderate waves, he had the good rocking motion that eliminated his pain, and the boats motion transferred as easy movement of the body. He did well, and after a while he became both smoother, more mobile and had less pain. This would later show me that innovation starts with knowledge of the man.
Based on my discipline I took based on what we humans need, what hope and what needs we have, when I was designing new products. This allowed the development of TRABBIC balance board and other health products turns into something meaningful and relevant to the people.”


IDEA TO TRABBIC innovation came thought “bonus son” Sigurd, who had grown up in California and been enjoying skating for several years

He noticed that eleven year old had a very special movement mastery when he was active on the longboard her. The thought of a catchy and cool activity / training for young people, this was the start of TRABBIC- Multitraing in 2009.
“After several years of illness was my own balance greatly reduced and I even got to experience training with my own training concept for real. I quickly found out that if it should be possible for me and master the balance on the board,I had to make it with options for different difficulty levels “says Ole Petter Ramfjord. This was the start of the different models available today.


Aiming for a simple – effective – energetic – elegant  and engaging training concept, models were developed in an ongoing process

  • First, our low- level model, TRABBIC Work & Surf, challenges your balance enough that you can easily stand on it and strengthen your body, for example, at an adjustable work desk; a great response to the problems caused by our all too sedentary and repetitive work life.


  • TRABBIC Elegance affords training with greater challenge. Elegance can be utilized with or without a supportive frame, challenging your balance, coordination and muscle development to a much greater extent. Just lift and slide the supportive frame, and TRABBIC Elegance will give your body an even more intensive and enjoyable fitness -balance experience! This board has been subjected to extended testing at “Olympiatoppen” in Oslo, the elite group of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, with favorable results.


Local sustainable production

TRABBIC models are produced in anodized aluminum and wood (oiled oak or walnut) through a local cooperative effort. “The boards are produced both in Lillesand and Grimstad. The local rehabilitation center, Avigo AS, facilitates wood production and Svennevig & Odegaard in Homborsund are responsible for metal production”, says Ramfjord.”This sustainable production model enables us to have close contact with the entire design and production chain, a factor of great importance in an entrepreneurial phase.”


Activity and exercise should be pure fun

Ramfjord adds: “What began as an activity for young people, has now become an exercise accessible to everyone. Activity and exercise shouldn’t be a chore. It should  just be pure fun!”

“REMEMBER , we must not only stimulate the already active. There are three times as many others who also need an easily available whole body workout, without rigging, doable in the office, while working.”
“There are probably all too many people who cannot bear the thought of regular exercise, because it requires too much effort , takes too long, and is dull and unappealing. The TRABBIC innovation shows people that activity and exercise can be fun, and that – a little exercise often, is better than a lot of exercise, now and then! ”


Norwegian enterprises have already put TRABBIC Work & Surf to use

A number of Norwegian companies have already tested TRABBIC Work & Surf, seeing if this concept can transform the workday for many with sedentary jobs. And the reports are good.
The TRABBIC Training, Health and Preventive Activity concept will be launched at the Scandinavian Furniture and Design Fair in Stockholm 07.- 11.02..2017.



Lillesand 30.01.2017