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Improve your balance, coordination, strength and flexibility with TRABBIC on the job, while working out or relaxing at home!

TRABBIC Work & Surf

TRABBIC Work & Surf

An active and unique contribution to activate a much too sedentary workforce.

TRABBIC Multitraining

TRABBIC Multitraining

TRABBIC motivates and inspires toward activity and movement.

TRABBIC Elegance

TRABBIC Elegance

Tested by The Norwegian Olympic Committee with favorable results.

“Drawing on my professional experience and observations of what we as humans need and hope for, I began to design new products to address the issues I have seen, especially in the workplace. TRABBIC Balance Boards and other health- promoting products are designed to be beneficial, relevant and easy to implement.”

Ole Petter Ramfjord, physical therapist and entrepreneur

As children, we are naturally active. We are playful, we use our bodies, we climb, we´re spontaneous and creative. But then, we get older…

When we are children, we are active. We play and we have fun. We stretch ourselves physically, in contstant, effortless motion.
As we grow older, this daily movement subsides and is overtaken by more sedentary and passive pastimes, till we become adults and much of our time is spent at work.
We actively move, less and less, and, when we do, it’s often on asphalt and concrete. We sit in cars, we sit on the job, and, very many of us, find ourselves sitting during our spare time, too.
Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist, Ole Petter Ramfjord, shares his professional insights in the film: All physical therapy is built on early motor development, and our physical and mental need for movement as part of our complete personal development.
He asks himself when we stop having fun?
Through his daily endeavors, he has seen more and more individuals who suffer from a diminished quality of life and an increase in health problems, because of a lack of physical acitivity and movement.
Balance is one of the physical qualities which most rapidly declines, without appropriate stimulation.